What is real love

In films and on social media love is flowers,chocolates, fancy dinners out, surprise weekends away,jewellery and candle lit dinners. Those are things I searched for my whole life.

As you all know I met the man of my dreams and married him. I’m totally besotted with him and adore him completely, but in reality he has never bought me chocolates, or organised a rromantic weekend away, I get Jewellery at christmas or my birthday and I’ve never come home to a candle lit dinner but what he does do is support all of my dreams,he holds my hand when we go for walks, he carries all the heavy grocery bags to the car for me, he takes me out to my favourite restaurant, when I’m sick he brings me breakfast in bed, when I needed models for my barbering exams he rang all his friends to get models for me. He let’s me practice my cleansing,toning and moisturising on him,when I’m cold he makes me a hot water bottle. They are examples of love…..real love…chocolates don’t keep you warm at night, candle lit dinners dont help you pass your exams and jewellery certainly won’t make ur dreams come true.

The next time your scrolling on social media and you get a pang of jealousy when you see posts of fancy meals or flowers and remember romance is not the same thing as love.

If you want romance then you can be the romantic one,you can light the candles, reserve a table and hint to him about the flowers.

In fairness asif does buy me flowers evvery now and again and when he does I love it and appreciate the gesture but most importantly I love him and all he does for me,for paying for me to go to trinity college,for supporting and believing in me when i opened my business, for helping me study and for being so kind to my family. What I love the most is…regularly asif brings me home my favourite cheese, he buys me my favourite crisps,he irons our clothes cause he knows I hate ironing, he tucks me in at night when he thinks im asleep,he whispers ” I love you” into my ear when I’m sleeping. All that shows me he thinks of me,he knows me and he loves me and its those little things that are real love not the flowers or fancy meals

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