ME day

Sometimes we need a ME day, we need a day to unwind and relax. Since I’ve been feeling sick for a while now I took a few hours to myself.

I binged watched keeping up with the Kardashians I just love it, love seeing how the other half live. As I was watching it I managed to wash and dry all our clothes, clean the house, cook lunch for us both.

After lunch I gave myself a manicure and pedicure, a facial and a face mask. Beauty rituals always make me feel great and refreshed. It’s important to take time out of our busy week and look after ourselves.

Asif and myself went grocery shopping and bought food for the week, as you all know asif works 14 hour days, he is simply exhausted all the time so I do everything I can to make his life easier. Even though he is so tired he still let me practice my cleanse,tone and moisturize on him. I can honestly say I forgot everything I learned in class. So I had to hit the books to go over it all again.

I have a brain like a sieve it takes a long time for things to stick in my head. I’m going to have to go back everanything we’ve done in college the last couple of weeks since I’ve realised it all went in one ear and out the other.

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