Bridal shower

The hen party/Bridal shower was fantastic we all met for dinner in the cornstore the food was to die for and the service was flawless The bride to be was so beautiful she looked flawless and glowing It was great to catch up with everyone and enjoy the celebrations,i can’t wait for the wedding and…


Its been a crazy week painting the shop, working nights and days,planning asif mini pizza party and tonight i have my future sister in laws bridal shower i will let u all know tomorrow how it goes


Im swamped with college ive 5 assignments to do, tonne of essays to write. It feels like all im doing is college and work. With everything thats been going on it made yesterday extra special. To gather together as a family and celebrate something is amazing . We didnt have time to cook so a…

Happy birthday aka pizza party

Happiest of birthdays to the worlds greatest husband u are simply amazing and i love you very much im so very proud to say you are my best friend and husband i am so very proud of you🎂💥🍨🎁🎉🎊

Work – friends- cook – repeat

Since the weathers been ab fab i decided to paint the shop with the help of my amazing dad, i really dont know what i would do without him. Mom cooked us a delicious sunday dinner it was divine and my favourite Asif was at my brothers stag on Saturday they went to the races…

A little success

I passed my level 3 aromatherapy course only one more level to go im super excited. I didnt get to celebrate yet because i had four essays to do for my Swedish massage therapy course and a reflection assignment to do for Trinity college. Im literally so busy. We are hoping to paint the shop…

Day trip

Yesterday we went to kilaloe its so beautiful surrounded by mountains and greenery We had a picnic sitting on rocking chairs,and soaking in the sun. We spent the day chatting to mom and dad it was the perfect day. For me it was the perfect day, making memories and spending quality time together


We had been planning a BBQ all week, i woke up this and it was dull and raining. I went to work and hoped it would stop raining and the sun would come out 🌞 needless to say it’s Ireland and sun is never guaranteed. We decided to go ahead regardless of the weather and…

Assignment done

I finally have my assignment completed and sent. Its a massive relief. Getting a masters is so much harder than i ever thought. We are going to have a family BBQ at our house tomorrow to celebrate my assignment being handed in

Another day

We are back in the fracture clinic today with asifs hand,he is still in a lot of pain with it and were checking to make sure its healing properly. He got his cast of today and were waiting for physio to help strenghten the hand. Fingers crossed it goes well. Were planning a BBQ for…