Everything happens for a reason

2021 is around the corner Don’t let anybody to waste your time. Be intentional about your time and who you spend it with. Get aligned with your goals and be brave enough to make new choices ✨ #everythinghappensforareason❤️

Why wait

Today is a new day a fresh start, a new beginning 🙌🏼 Don’t wait for it to get easier, better, don’t wait for lockdown to be over or for the 1st January. All you have is today. So what are the changes you can make daily. Small habits daily can lead to massive results in…

Happiness is the key

And that my friends is the truth 💯 They be all happy for you but behind closed doors they are not happy for you at all. I liKe to see people do well. Have a good sunday people 💯

Working it

It’s been crazy the last week I am working at least 14 hours a day getting up at 3 am to catch up on college work, then working from 8 am until 10pm. I am getting ready for the reopening of our store busy making hampers our aim is to make Christmas affordable so our…

Drinking in the moment

Many many years ago I done a photography course with a friend. Taking pics is something i always loved my favourite is nature. As the years go by i just got so busy i forgot to pick up the camera. This year for my birthday i got a gorgeous camera but I still haven’t taken…

A forgotten profession

A forgotten profession: In the days before alarm clocks were widely affordable, people like Mary Smith of Brenton Street were employed to rouse sleeping people in the early hours of the morning. They were commonly known as ‘knocker-ups’ or ‘knocker-uppers’. Mrs. Smith was paid sixpence a week to shoot dried peas at market workers’ windows…

Keep digging

So what if told you that there was a enormous mine and in it, there were diamonds…tons of them. You would be given the BEST tools available and you would also be given the support you need along your way. BUT these gems were sporadic in location and you would possibly be cold, dirty, hungry,…

Chase yourself

Do not chase people! Instead, chase yourself. Chase your development and your goals. Chase your passion. Strive to work for something bigger than yourself, and instead of trying to convince someone that you fit within their world, strive to build your own world that’s un-resist-able! 🤗

The Grind isnt glamourous

No pain no gain is just facts. If you want something motivating quotes aren’t gonna get it done, wishing for it isn’t gonna get it done. – This stuff isn’t Facebook worthy, this isn’t blown up swans, champagne, private jets. – This shit’s about hard work. – Who’s ready?

Making my dreams come true

I’m killing it at college right now, I’ve 5 assignments completed ready to hand in, I’ve done 3 domestic violence courses and passed. As for my coaching ive passed two more exams one in spiritual life coaching and the other in mindfulness life coaching. I’m feeling so lucky to have been given this opportunity. Work…