Chicken tonight

I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight Spicy, tandoori, breaded,plain, honey glazed, chicken tonight. Fried, boiled, roasted, chicken tonight I feel like a wholesome healthy dinner tonight Salty, chewy, scrumptious, chicken tonight.


Fast food Fast food is easy, super quick. So many choices, what should I pick? A greasy burger, that us hot and delicious, add some fries for no extra charge. How about a sugary coke, to wash down the load. How about a chucky cheese, a sambo deal or a buy one get one free….

mashed potatos with a twist

Ingredients 2 potatoes 1 onion 3 Tomatos 5 green Chilis Teaspoon if red chilli powder Teaspoon of tumeric Method Peel the potatos Boil the two potatos Chop the onion Chop the chills Fry the onions and chilli with oil Cut the tomatoes into quarters Add the tomatoes into the frying pan Using a potato masher,…

Food for kids

Food For Kids Food is good and tastes delicious, Keeps you healthy, it’s nutritious. Food will also help you grow, Make you strong, when you throw. Eating foods that are purple and green, Will make you into a healthy teen. Many great foods, are really yummy, If you eat too much, you’ll hurt your tummy….

Wok time

Lentil salad Ingredients 2 onions 1 bunch of scallions 3 1/2 Oz roasted peanuts 1/2 bunch of watercress 3 1/2 Oz couscous 3 tbsp sesame oil 7 Oz red lentils Salt Sugar 3 tbsp white wine vinegar 1 tbsp soy sauce 8 3/4 fl oz vegetable stock Method Peel the onions and cut into cubes….

I feel like chicken curry tonight

Since we both have been working so hard we decided to spend a night in Galway its my favorite city in Ireland, its always buzzing full of life. we went out for a few drinks, ate out in a Turkish restaurant and strolled around the city it was the most perfect night ever. i love…

Too much too soon

as you all know im a busy girl…i have 3 jobs, im a college student and im a wife. this year my new years resolution was to become more organised. ive tried and tried but i still cant manage to get it all together. im finding it hard to juggle my personal life and business…

im surrounded by your grace

im sitting her listening to beyonce and singing along to her songs. nothing in life is better than dancing in your kitchen singing to your favorite songs whilst cooking your husbands dinner. life is great when its simple. so today im cooking one of my husbands favorite dinners onion sauce, basmatti rice, and boiled eggs….


Delicious We all enjoy delicious food, Makes us happy, fixes our mood. It’s all about the juicy taste,  Doesn’t matter, where the food is placed. We should consider, nutritional support, We shall need it, if we engage in a sport. Energy; food provides – plenty Need a bit more, if we’re over twenty. A great…

Eating out

I love cooking, researching recipes, buying ingredients, the smell of the aroma sifting through the house it’s my favourite thing to do. But on Saturdays I love to eat out, it’s my weekly treat a wholesome dinner served to me and no dishes to wash (It’s perfect) I normally eat out with my dad he…