Double standards

Just a quick reminder of the crazy double standards between men and women that we live with:

Charlie Sheen pleaded guilty to beating his wife in 1996 – he went on to star in Two and a Half Men and was paid over a million dollars an episode.

Sean Connery said it’s OK to hit a woman as long as you do it with an open fist – he’s still regarded as the best Bond.

Chris Brown beat Rihanna – he has sold out countless arenas since.

Terence Howard pleaded guilty to beating his wife in 2002 – he went on to star in one of the biggest franchise and one of the biggest TV shows of the 2010s.

Mel Gibson pleaded guilty to beating his wife in 2010 – he still gets roles in family friendly movies.

Floyd Mayweather was jailed for beating his wife in 2012 – he still sells out arenas and makes millions.

Kobe Bryant admitted to raping a girl in 2003 – he played hundreds of basketball games afterwards and even won an Oscar.

Mike Tyson got a 6 year jail sentence for rape in 1992 – he still appears in comedies playing “hilarious” parodies of himself.

Wesley Snipes several years ago beat then girlfriend Halle Berry so bad that she lost 80% of her hearing – he is set to star in the Sequel to the comedy Coming 2 America this year.

These are just a few cases when the male abuser was either found guilty or admitted to it.

Caroline Flack was accused, never found guilty. I’m not saying she wasn’t guilty but taking that into consideration and taking what these lads above did into consideration do ye think she deserved what she got?? Did she deserve her ITV show being taken off her, did she deserve being hounded, thrown to the wolves and destroyed by the press?? The men I mentioned above never showed much remorse… Caroline Flack was so trouble she took her own life! Tell me again how feminists shouldn’t exist?? Tell me again how men and women are equal??

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