“A woman is unstoppable afyer she realizes she deserves better”that is so true. The older i get the more i realize how amazing and strong women are when they get hurt, maybe get broken hearted they always get back up again and come out stronger and a better version of themself.

Be your own hero

Someone once asked me who my hero was….i thought for a minute and i said my hero is me in 10 years time. Then in 10 years time my hero will be me in 10, so you see every second, hour, day, wee or year my hero will always be 10 years away…im never goingto…

How to piss people off

You are gonna piss a lor of people off when you start doing whats best for you ❤ im loving that quote for the simple reason is because its true. People get jealous when you do whats best for you because it takes strength and courage to do whats best for you

Self care quote

Im loving this quote and i think it should be everyones motto ” self care is giving the world the best of you, instead of whats left of you” in a world where we are all so busy 24/7 we need to make self care our number 1 priority