Self care

Its rare for me to take time off but this week im just exhausted, completely zapped. So i working nights tonight and normally i would go straight from nights to my shop but with the tiredness i just need sleep so i messaged my manger to let her know i was going to take tomorrow…

Life goes on

Im too old to worry about who likes me or who dislikes me. I have more important things to do. If you love me, i love you. If you support me i support you. If you hate me i don’t care. Life goes on with or without you

Elder abuse

Today, 15 June, is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. We are showing our support by raising awareness about Elder Abuse. Elder abuse can take many forms including physical, psychological, neglect, sexual, financial and discriminatory. Please don’t turn your back on elder abuse. Report it. We are here to help and support you, and all members…

Always give support

Its important that we support eachother when someone is in pain or going through a crisis dont ever say those words “get over it” give them the love and support to help them get through it.

2020 has officially arrived

I cant believe 2020 is upon us im excited for the year ahead this year i have loads of plans im going to complete my beauty therapy course and in a couple of weeks im starting my health and fitness course im so excited for it all. Ive just recieved my diploma in aromatherapy so…