This is so true….guess I’m building character


Today im so tired, ive been working all week, cant remember what its like to have a day off. The last few days ive been suffering with killer headaches. I know thats my bodies way of saying slow down. Ive exams this week so ive no chance to slow down. Last night i promised Asif…


When i decided to set up my own business all of my friends told me not to do it, the majority of my family tried to talk me out of it. Its hard to ignore the opinions of your family and friends. Remember its important to listen to yourself

When you fail

I failed one of my marketing assignments I was absolutely gutted I just failed by 2%. i sat on my bed with my head in my hands. when Asif got home from work he knew by looking at me something was wrong. I couldn’t tell him I failed my assignment so I said I was…

Stay focused

I am not where i want to be but im staying focused and every day im a day closer to where i want to be

Fight for it

If something is worth having its worth fighting for