When panic sets in

Last night i was doing my nail, a bit of a manicure when it hit me ” how the hell am i going to manage everything” I have 2 jobs, studying aromatheraphy, doing a masters, trying to take care of a home, spend time with Asif, my family and friends and mind my fur baby….

Kick start

So I’ve been wanting to try different things, something new so i joined a book club. I am great at doing things once i put my mind too it, im known to over do things and push myself too hard i think its because my star sign is virgo. So in the last week i…


Last saturday we had a surprise party for my brothers 40th birthday. He isnt the type that likes to be the centre of attention. We didnt want to let the occassion go without marking it. The last few weeks we were like the CIA messaging each other about the food, bouncy castle, cake decorations etc….