Work hard party hard

Today is Burims birthday so i want to leave work early to go to her birthday meal so im crazy busy i had to do the recycling centre to get rid of all our cardboard boxes from our deliveries, then open the shop and set up for the day. I Im organising a lovely dinner…

Living the dream while exhausted 😁

Im so tired i could cry…it was a big struggle dragging myself out of bed this morning when ur exhausted little things become so hard to do, it was a massive struggle trying to do my hair & make up but i managed it. My dad always says if you look good you feel good…im…


Its been a crazy week painting the shop, working nights and days,planning asif mini pizza party and tonight i have my future sister in laws bridal shower i will let u all know tomorrow how it goes

Celebrity lifestyles without the status

Now adays it seems like our social calenders are always full, partys, birthdays, weddings, events, street parties and launches. We are living celebrity lifestyles without there wages. With instagram, Facebook and snapchat it means we need new dresses for everything as we cant be photographed twice in the same outfit. This week coming i have…


Last saturday we had a surprise party for my brothers 40th birthday. He isnt the type that likes to be the centre of attention. We didnt want to let the occassion go without marking it. The last few weeks we were like the CIA messaging each other about the food, bouncy castle, cake decorations etc….