Starting uni

This thursdsy I’m starting uni im excited and nervous due to covid it will all be done online so i have the normal fears of will i be able to connect to my class online as I will be using blackboard and its been a long time since I used blackboard. Im Studying at Ulster…

Be someone’s lighthouse

So many people are hurting. So many people are yearning to be heard, to have a genuine friend show them they matter, that they care. A soft touch, a warm hug, or even the simplest pat on the back can mean so much to a lost and struggling soul. Be there and be sincere. No…

Learn to rest not quit

When your ambitious and trying to juggle everything its hard…its so easy for exhaustion to take over. I know what its like to be too tired to function. I work nights on a sunday, its my favourite day of the week i call it ‘bed day” i literally spend the whole day in bed. I…

Thank you

Dear friends of this page, I’m thinking something nice about you right now, and I’m long overdue in telling you: you all have been my encouragers, and I’m so grateful you’re in my world. Thank you so, so much,

Night x

Night everyone 😘💛✨ Xx Victoria