At the start of the year I was going to give up makeup and college completely because I felt overwhelmed by the talent surrounding me and didn’t feel I would ever be good enough. I’m very happy to say I fought those thoughts away and stuck at it and I am so glad I have….

When panic sets in

Last night i was doing my nail, a bit of a manicure when it hit me ” how the hell am i going to manage everything” I have 2 jobs, studying aromatheraphy, doing a masters, trying to take care of a home, spend time with Asif, my family and friends and mind my fur baby….

Shine bright like a diamond

sometimes in life we need to reinvent our selves, sick of having our hair the same way every day, sick of looking the same. for me i love my wardrobe i have everything from business clothes, party clothes, festival clothes, i love to power dress and i wear all of my clothes from casual to…