A good day

Don’t ruin a good day, by thinking about a bad day you had yesterday.. Just let it go .

Not bad for a thursday

Not bad for a Thursday i completed 2 online courses, cooked asif favourite dinner, done 3 hours of study and now im off to work. I really hope that one day all my hard work will pay off but either way im feeling proud of myself and enjoy everything i do.

5 things to quit

Arent these things hard to quit sometimes. I found giving up a bottle of wine at the weekend easier πŸ˜‚ #bekindtoyourself #loveyourself #youareenough

nothing short of a miracle

The word is used so often, sometimes for such trivial events, that it has become a clichΓ©.Β On a superficial level, some people consider a miracle to be simply an unexpected event or a wonderful surprise; for others, however,a miracle is the belief that G-d has intervened supernaturally in their lives. People may disagree whether events…

Do it for u

You’re scared to start a 4 year course because you’re 30 and by the time you finish it you will be 34 Wether you take the course or not, in four years you will be 34.So why not be 34 and doing something you love!? Life has no time line. Stop comparing yourself to others….



Being busy

I’ve been so busy lately and I’ve been neglecting my blog. I had to go into work for 8am this morning for training im being trained to do the office. When i got home i had 4 assignments to submit to moodle. Thankfully they all went through without a hitch, i went for a nap…


Imagine you were born in 1900. When you’re 14, World War I begins and ends when you’re 18 with 22 million dead. Soon after a global pandemic, the Spanish Flu, appears, killing 50 million people. And you’re alive and 20 years old. When you’re 29 you survive the global economic crisis that started with the…