Wear the mask

RETIRED SURGEON Sam Laucks, has this to say about wearing a mask: “I have spent the past 39 years working in the field of surgery. For a significant part of that time, I have worn a mask. I have worked with hundreds (probably thousands) of colleagues during those years, who have also worn masks. Not…

Culinary school round 2

Most of you know i went to culinary school for 2 years at the time i had a dream of opening up a little cafe/ restaurant i loved tge classes and thoroughly enjoyed cooking and baking. My little dream has never left me snd its not something i plan on doing for a long time…

Too true


When your falling apart but look good

For those looking in at my life it looks like i have my shit together but in reality both myself and asif are exhausted sometimes we are like ships passing in the night. Our house is tidy but its not spotless, laundry piles up till i get a chance to do it, im always forgetting…

Build that life for yourself

Im in the process of building this life for myself. Working my dream job, attending college to better my future. My marriage isnt perfect but its perfect for me. A lot of work goes into living your dream but its worth it. If i can do it anyone can do it. Just remember anything worth…


Helen mirren ❤️you rock!!!

Hey sis

Hey Sis, don’t water yourself down xx

Liquid stockings

Liquid stockings and eye liner used to paint in the seams up the back. ………WWII makes you realise how lucky we are these days 😮😮