It will happen

It will happen Newyork is 3 hours a head of calofornia, but that doesn’t make California slow. Some graduate at the age of 22, but wait 5 years before securing a good job. Someone became a CEO at 25 and died at 50. While another became a ceo at 50, and lived to 90. Someone…

Stay focused

I am not where i want to be but im staying focused and every day im a day closer to where i want to be

Reach for the stars

WEDNESDAY MOTIVATION: Success is not for the weak and the uncommitted. It is reserved for those who are willing to dream for it, work for it, sweat for it, lose sleep over it, don’t eat over it, mark time by it, pray over it, talk about how they can’t live without it, so they can…

Never too old to shine

The beautiful shakira and JLo gave a memorable superbowl performance these two amazingly talented women are 43 and 53. This is proof that you are never too old to shine. We live in a time were we feel we have to accomplish everything before we are 30. Its like we have to own houses, have…

Even when i loose im winning

Im a big believer that failure is the pathway to success, fail is an equal opportunity it doesnt matter if your white or black, rich or poor,educated or uneducated,male or female …failure happens to us all. Ive failed a lot in my life both personally and career wise but i chose to fail with grace….