What does it take

When i watch reality tv programmes like “cheer” or tv shows like “spinning out” i see the dedication in these young people who sacrifice everything to make the team. They wake up at 4.30am to run, practice and work out, they work through pain, injuries and exhaustion all to do what they love every day….


My father always says “sacrifices have to be made to fulfil a dream” and its something i live by.

Im finally home

After spending the week away working im so happy to be finally home. I always miss home when im away, i miss Asif terribly it breaks my heart not going home to him everyday. I got home at 8am this morning i was so excited to see asif but as soon as i seen him…

New year new adventures

As if im not busy enough i applied to do an exercise and fitness course and i recieved my letter of acceptance im so happy i feel as though santa came early. I havent told asif yet for the simple reason that i dont want to upset him. As u know i already run my…

Living my dreams

Today isnt as cold has the last few days, the sun is shining, its not raining and to top it off ive been busy all day in the shop. With all new customers that tells me my business is running efficiently and right on schedule ive new customers every day and sales are constantly rising…

Dad in a million

Today was so busy the day just flew in, I couldn’t believe how fast the day went. After work I went to mom and dad house. Since dad hasn’t been well I’ve been smothering him with extra love and visits I bought him treats to cheer him up a bit I bought him chocolate, big…

Double jobbing it

So im off to work in cork tonight im simply exhausted from working all day and i think im coming down with a virus im not feeling well I went for lunch with my brother adam it was great to catch up with him we went for a cheeky chinese my fave Im rushing out…

Assignment done

I finally have my assignment completed and sent. Its a massive relief. Getting a masters is so much harder than i ever thought. We are going to have a family BBQ at our house tomorrow to celebrate my assignment being handed in

Feeling accomplished

I spent most of the week looking like a homeless person, mismatched clothes, patchy tan and chipped nails. Because my days off last week were spent with Asif, hours in A and E, doctors appointments attending the fracture clinic etc. So i didnt have time on my days off to organise like i usually do….

Whirlwind of a week

Its been a crazy few days first i had my pitch for eco straws the nerves were horrible i actually felt physically sick my dad and brother came to see it which added to the nerves. Ten minutes before the pitch i ran to the shop and fell (omg the humiliation) u know when you…