Double jobbing it

So im off to work in cork tonight im simply exhausted from working all day and i think im coming down with a virus im not feeling well I went for lunch with my brother adam it was great to catch up with him we went for a cheeky chinese my fave Im rushing out…

Assignment done

I finally have my assignment completed and sent. Its a massive relief. Getting a masters is so much harder than i ever thought. We are going to have a family BBQ at our house tomorrow to celebrate my assignment being handed in

Feeling accomplished

I spent most of the week looking like a homeless person, mismatched clothes, patchy tan and chipped nails. Because my days off last week were spent with Asif, hours in A and E, doctors appointments attending the fracture clinic etc. So i didnt have time on my days off to organise like i usually do….

Whirlwind of a week

Its been a crazy few days first i had my pitch for eco straws the nerves were horrible i actually felt physically sick my dad and brother came to see it which added to the nerves. Ten minutes before the pitch i ran to the shop and fell (omg the humiliation) u know when you…

I became what they said i couldnt become

I am what i believed i would be…i always dreamt of having my own business, being a businesd woman and i became it. I worked hard sacrificed alot, but it was worth everything i put into it. Most people didnt believe i would become anything. The person i owe it all too is my husband…

Where did the week go

College has been crazy but I’m loving every second of it As u know we love eating in our house so below is some pictures of our meals As I’ve been going through old pictures i found one from a few years ago where rachel and i qualified as childminders For the shop we got…

Crazy busy

This week has been crazy busy with college and work,im exhausted….This morning i met my dad and he put his arm around me and said im really proud of you. My father doesnt say that alot so i know he meant it. He doesnt need to say it because i know he is proud of…

Even when i loose im winning

Im a big believer that failure is the pathway to success, fail is an equal opportunity it doesnt matter if your white or black, rich or poor,educated or uneducated,male or female …failure happens to us all. Ive failed a lot in my life both personally and career wise but i chose to fail with grace….


All my chores are done and dusted, my tan turned out perfect. Asif is gone to cricket practice, he plays for munster and it is a massive passion of his. I love to see him happy and passionate about it. I believe for a successful happy marriage, you both need to have passions of your…


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