8 years older

I started nights last night and i was really nervous it was 8 years since i last worked nights. I was nervous because im older now and i wasnt sure i would be able for it as you get older these things get harder. I needn’t have worried the night flew in and i didnt…


As you all know im in college studying beauty i love every second of it and im well aware the beauty industry isnt the easiet to get into. Make up can work wonders, it can make you look beautiful but real beauty always come from within, magnetic its your aura, a twinkle in your eye…

Dont quit

Rest if you must but don’t quit. Drop a 💗 if you ain’t quitting on yourself

Face your fears

Ive always been afraid of heights i dont know where i got the fear from. In my twenties i was studying philosophy with my brother. We done lectures on facing your fears so i decided to do a wall climbing course . It was the scariest thing ive ever done, night after night i edged…


Cheers to freedom 🥂 Here is to Living life on your own terms. Having purpose and fulfillment in your life, as well as having freedom and flexibility to do what matters most to you. .

Believe in you

Stay focused even if you fall get up and continue working on your Goals 😊


So Someone once said when you love someone with dementia you lose them twice, once when they are diagnosed and then when they die 😢 This is called “Ambiguous Loss. “Rapidly shrinking brain’ is how doctors described it. I wouldn’t wish Dementia on anyone. As the patient’s brain slowly dies, they change physically and eventually…

Corona virus

Below is the different symptoms of the coronaviris, cold and flu. Stay safe everyone