Wear the mask

RETIRED SURGEON Sam Laucks, has this to say about wearing a mask: “I have spent the past 39 years working in the field of surgery. For a significant part of that time, I have worn a mask. I have worked with hundreds (probably thousands) of colleagues during those years, who have also worn masks. Not…


The goal is to have my mondays like this

Be nice

Because we should uplift and empower one another, not tear each other down.

Culinary school round 2

Most of you know i went to culinary school for 2 years at the time i had a dream of opening up a little cafe/ restaurant i loved tge classes and thoroughly enjoyed cooking and baking. My little dream has never left me snd its not something i plan on doing for a long time…

Living with IBS

Living with IBS is a constant battle; a battle that can leave you frustrated and often feeling exhausted.IBS doesn’t have an end, not really. It’s always there, lingering over your shoulder, awaiting the next opportunity to pounce. I try not to be negative or saddened by my IBS, and in some ways, I am thankful….

Start doing

Everybody wishes for somthing. Im a big dreamer and have been since i was a child. Its a curse and a blessing. Everytime i achieve something another dream comes along. I manage to turn those wishes into a reality by hard work. Lord knows if i can do it anyone can.

Dont be ugly

In a world where you can be anything….be kind


Im a big believer in karma…What goes around comes around.