When i grow up, i want to be…

I would love to study law, its been a dream of mine since i left school. I was never able to get it out of my head. I regret not paying attention in school, working harder and going to law school straight after my leaving cert.. As the saying goes “its never too late” ….

Kick start

So I’ve been wanting to try different things, something new so i joined a book club. I am great at doing things once i put my mind too it, im known to over do things and push myself too hard i think its because my star sign is virgo. So in the last week i…


fakebook as i like to call it is amazing we get to post pictures of our dinners out, retouch pictures of ourselves and our friends and make our life look amazing when in reality most of it is fake i have never uploaded a picture of myself with my mascara running down my face, or…

Pancake Tuesday 😊😊😊

Today is pancake Tuesday I woke up early to make delicious pancakes for us. Then ran around trying to get organised for work. We were so busy with our Valentine specials, Tuesday is cheeky Chinese day so I went out for lunch with the girls I got my usual a chicken curry it was divine….

Dreams can come true….mine did

i believe you only have one life one opportunity to do what it is you want, in life we often do what it is our parents want us to do, what our friends want us to do we rarely do what we want to do…let me tell you its hard to take the first step…

Snowy Sunday morning

i had an amazing week i was working in my shop and we were busy all week, then i was working in Blarney in cork, blarney is simply beautiful and its always lovely to change your scenery, then i was working for Joe as a PA i love this job we go out for dinner…

Life is good life is sweet

I may just be the happiest girl in the world after working all day [and dining with the girls for lunch] i collected my nephew from swimming he is like a fish in water i hope he will end up in the Olympics but hes not that into doing it professionally [ i can live…

Meal for 2

Both myself and my husband work long hours,sometimes it feels as though we are like ships passing in the night. So when we have an opportunity to spend time together we want it to be quality time ☺ I make us a delicious meal, light the candles, put a bit of mozart on low volume….

Chicken tonight

I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight Spicy, tandoori, breaded,plain, honey glazed, chicken tonight. Fried, boiled, roasted, chicken tonight I feel like a wholesome healthy dinner tonight Salty, chewy, scrumptious, chicken tonight.


Fast food Fast food is easy, super quick. So many choices, what should I pick? A greasy burger, that us hot and delicious, add some fries for no extra charge. How about a sugary coke, to wash down the load. How about a chucky cheese, a sambo deal or a buy one get one free….