When you think you don’t matter

You may think that you don’t matter in this big world, but because of you someone has a favourite mug to drink their coffee out of that you bought for them. Because of you someone hears a song on the radio and smiles, as it reminds them of you. Someone has read a book you…


Don’t ever stop believing, your dreams will soon come true. Cos dreams have helped me on the way and they can help you too. Angels hear your every prayer and know just what to do, to help you on your journey and make your dreams come true. Love Victoria

The Turkish dream

I haven’t blogged in a while…I’m here in Turkey enjoying the culture,the food and the amazing people . We went to see the tombs,the amazing blue mosque, an archaeology museum, the bazar, gardens, at. Mary’s house, we seen Turkish dancers, we enjoyed the food, our 5 star hotel, chaufer driven cars, today we are going…

Love is in the air

Yesterday was valentines day, I got spoilt rotten perfume, jewellery, flowers, candles, rose lights and a keyring I was overwhelmed by all the gifts 💖 as we were both working yesterday we had breakfast together and went to work. I was so excited to have dinner with my valentine, I was home first so I…

Busy girl busy day

I’ve been working non stop so I haven’t had a chance to write a post, I’m in the shop on my own this morning so I’m taking 5 to write to you all, I had the most unusual breakfast today chicken pasta 😊 (left overs from last night) it was delicious, I’ve a busy day…

Chicken tonight

I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight Spicy, tandoori, breaded,plain, honey glazed, chicken tonight. Fried, boiled, roasted, chicken tonight I feel like a wholesome healthy dinner tonight Salty, chewy, scrumptious, chicken tonight.

Wok time

Lentil salad Ingredients 2 onions 1 bunch of scallions 3 1/2 Oz roasted peanuts 1/2 bunch of watercress 3 1/2 Oz couscous 3 tbsp sesame oil 7 Oz red lentils Salt Sugar 3 tbsp white wine vinegar 1 tbsp soy sauce 8 3/4 fl oz vegetable stock Method Peel the onions and cut into cubes….

winner winner chicken dinner

Keep these nutty chicken satay strips in the fridge for a healthy choice when you’re peckish. The chicken is served with cucumber and sweet chilli sauce PREP: 10 MINSCOOK: 8 MINS – 10 MINS SERVES 2 Keep these nutty chicken satay strips in the fridge for a healthy choice when you’re peckish. The chicken is served with cucumber and…

baby its cold outside

We may think eating tomato soup is a no-brainer healthy choice, but surprisingly there can be hidden calories and fat. Of course, you are still getting all of the nutritional benefits of tomatoes, such as high concentrations of the antioxidants lycopene, beta-carotene, vitamin A and vitamin C. But you also may be treating your body…

This is me

This is the excerpt for your very first post.