Valentines day

I was working away yesterday and Asif was working late so we didnt really get to see eachother for Valentine’s day. Due to the hours asif was working i told him not to get me anything for valintines day. He had been working from 4am to 7pm all week and as usual my week was…


My moral in life .. ..

Busy day busy life

Needless to say my taking things slowly hasn’t really worked yet. After work I did the the shopping I got home at 7pm I fed my fur baby azaria I made her chicken soup with loads of chicken, the she had cat food and a bowl of warm milk. I straightaway made Asif lunch for…

Dont rush

You will always get where you are meant to be when the time is right

I need to slow down

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I work very hard they will tell you that I’m ambitious not afraid to take risks. I work two jobs one job is as an auditor I travel all Around Ireland doing stock takes my second job is running my own business the Curiosity shop needless to…

Self care quote

Im loving this quote and i think it should be everyones motto ” self care is giving the world the best of you, instead of whats left of you” in a world where we are all so busy 24/7 we need to make self care our number 1 priority

Snow day

It’s a picture perfect day with snow falling from the sky. In Ireland we rarely get snow so when it does we get so excited. Unfortunately both myself and Asif are working today so we won’t be building snowmen but we will be taking in the beauty around us

Quote of the day

This is so true in life there is no such thing as an overnight success