Living with IBS

Living with IBS is a constant battle; a battle that can leave you frustrated and often feeling exhausted.IBS doesn’t have an end, not really. It’s always there, lingering over your shoulder, awaiting the next opportunity to pounce. I try not to be negative or saddened by my IBS, and in some ways, I am thankful….

Start doing

Everybody wishes for somthing. Im a big dreamer and have been since i was a child. Its a curse and a blessing. Everytime i achieve something another dream comes along. I manage to turn those wishes into a reality by hard work. Lord knows if i can do it anyone can.

Dont be ugly

In a world where you can be anything….be kind


Im a big believer in karma…What goes around comes around.


As the saying goes if you cant handle the heat leave the kitchen. Stress comes with success

What every busy women needs

Im super busy with college, running 2 businesses and working part time. So there are some things that i need to help me out when im crazy busy 1. Dry shampoo its a life saver keeps my hair looking good in between washes. 2.bun shaper its perfect when im having a bad hair day i…

Dreaming of a lazy sunday

All week long ive been waiting for today to come, its been my first sunday off in 4 months. I was up early have 2 assignments due in for college next sunday, so i finished one asdignment and i filled in college applications. Asif is back cricket training he plays for munster last year he…


My most favourite thing to do in my downtime