Emotional eating

I feel this is a great topic to share as I know I am an emotional eater and so many of you are too 🤗 Emotional eaters turn to food when they’re feeling depressed, angry or stressed. If they start on a diet and deprive themselves of the emotional comfort of food, you can imagine…

If you want it….work for it

Lately I’ve been working so hard and I always say I work had so when I finally succeed no one can ever say I don’t deserve it and if they do it won’t bother me because I will know I worked for it

I see your true colours

So true. When in need we either go it alone or see the true colours of caring ppl. Sometimes just a hug will suffice. Or a tissue.


Absolutely! Society makes women feel like we should be it all; cook like chefs round the clock & have a pristine home all whilst keeping hold of a little bit of sanity & health 😥 a big fat exhausted Fuck off to that

Wednesday vibes

And that my friends is the truth 💯 They be all happy for you but behind closed doors they are not happy for you at all. I liKe to see people do well. Have a good wednesday people 💯

A little angel

Saw this today and thought it was beautiful “It was the night before Christmas and Santa was busy making his rounds He was light on his feet making sure he didn’t make a sound. But he took notice that some homes didn’t have that Christmas Glee. so he decided to stop because he thought that…

Life as we know it

Yesterdsy was my last day off until Christmas day. I spent it with my parents, brother, sister in law and gorgeous nephew. Mom cooked us all a beautiful Sunday dinner and they we just sat, talked and laughed for hours. Asif was working in our new house he was gone all day and didn’t get…

Beauty life hacks

I work hard…running 2 businesses whilst holding down a part time job, attending college, in the process of moving house and getting pur new house ready on top of all of that im a wife who cooks dinners, run the house hold, make lunches, so I’m one busy girl. Trying to do every thing is…

Believe in yourself

I seen an advertisement a few months ago about an entrepreneur’s programme it is being run by the Irish Times a the qualification will come from the university of Ulster. I applied for it along with thousands of other hopefuls if im honest I didnt think i would get a place on it. In my…

Just enjoy it

If I’m honest I don’t have many hobbies but what I truly love to do is take pictures many years ago I did a photography course, if im honest I don’t have the eye for photography but I love it. I enjoy going for long walks and taking snaps of what I see. In life…