lazy sunday

so here i am spending my day off trying to do assignments but if im honest my head really isn’t in it today im exhausted i love to have a lazy Sunday and because i work the other 6 days of the week i think i am entitled to one day off.

i spent yesterday in my shop we are currently closed due to lockdown but we have deliveries coming in several times a week so we are in there getting everything out and priced. i know i am biased but the shop really is beautiful and if i didn’t own it it would be my favorite shop.

i only have a couple of months of college left thank god and i dont think i will go back next year i am truly mentally exhausted from all the studying and assignments, I dont regret it but i think i would like to have time just to enjoy my evenings without having to worry about assignments and exams.

on a happy note i have been doing great as a brand ambassador and love doing my mini photoshoots at home, it has done so much for my confidence and self esteem, i know there is a lot of shadiness when it comes to being a brand ambassador but for me it was the right thing to do and i love it. it has also reminded me that you should do things that you are passionate about and i am passionate bout sunglasses i adore them and they are my go to accessory whether its in the spring, summer, autumn, or winter i just love them

its mothers day in Ireland today and unfortunately most of us dont get to spend it with our mothers due to coronavirus and lockdown. so yesterday I treated my mama bear to a take away Chinese for our favorite Chinese restaurant it was delicious and I gave her, her card and gifts yesterday. although its not the same as other years we have to make the most of it and enjoy whatever way we can. so for all you mothers out there please know that you are doing a great job and you have got this.

hope you all enjoy your sunday and chat soon

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