be careful what you wish for you might just get it

today I am going to tell you a true story about me many years ago I had a spot on my nose and at work one night something fell of the top shelf and hit my nose and when the spot when it left a red dot, now that red dot never went away and it bothered me every time I looked in the mirror that is all I could see, when pictures were taking of me that’s all I could see. it ate away at my confidence and made me extremely unhappy.

I was in a beautician getting my eyebrows done and I happened to mention this red dot and how much it bothered me so she said that they could remove it for me, I booked an appointment for the following week. they used hot needles to dissolve the red dot it didn’t hurt at all, the next day it scabbed up, and when the scab went the red dot was gone.

happy days I should have been so happy and at the beginning I was I felt a million dollars that were until about 3 weeks later and I was doing my makeup and realized that my two eyes were not identical in shape I nearly had a heart attack I ran around asking everyone in the house to look at my eyes.

now every time i look in the mirror i seen wonky eyes, so i decided to shape my hair to cover one eye and for a while that helped me deal with it but it really bothered me so i went to my doctor and he said thats its very rare that peoples eyes are identical and that its not noticed by anyone else but me

this is what google says : The reality is that very few people have perfectly symmetrical eyes. It is completely normal if your eyes are uneven

the moral of this story is that I would of rather faced my life with a red dot on my nose that I could of used a concealer to hide as having to go about my life with wonky eyes

now its many years later and i often tell that story to people that be careful what you wish for because you might just get it

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  1. Mel obrien says:

    I Know that feeling


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