Happy International women’s day

Happy international women’s day to all you lovely strong ladies out there. I wont be doing anything to celebrate today I have my teacher training course at 10am I didn’t set my alarm because i had confidence in myself waking up naturally (big fail) i didn’t wake up until 10am I had to start up the lap top and log in I didn’t even have time to brush my hair happy days I look like a scruffy dog on the zoom class.

this class runs until 2pm and then I need to log straight onto my beauty therapy class it starts at 1.30 i actually log into the class on time but I turn off my camera and mute my mic until 2pm.

so i wont get a chance to eat until 3pm and im on nights tonight so I will then try to sleep for a few hours before the grave yard shift starts.

i managed to message all of my beautiful strong ladies a happy women’s day.

for dinner tonight i will order a take away to have a mini celebration and to be honest i am too lazy to cook us dinner.

are you doing anything special today to celebrate this fabulous day? let me know in the comments below

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