this is me

life can be hard and sometimes its even harder when you put yourself out there by nature i am naturally quite, I like to spend evenings in and spend time by myself im not exactly what you would call a social butterfly. I can be the life and soul of the party but if i am anyway out of my comfort zone i am more inclined to stay in the background and just blend in.

the thought of been the center of attention would nearly give me anxiety that is why i am the most unlikely person to decide i wanted to do blogging, because to be a blogger you put your self out there and of course thats out of my comfort zone.

when i first set up my blog i only told my parents, brothers, and sister i hadn’t even told Asif, i didn’t promote it on my Facebook page because lets face it if i was to fail then no-one would know. my family aren’t big into social media so i can nearly guarantee that they dont read my blog so i felt safe initally.

it took me a long time to understand how blogging works and im still learning as im not a social media wizz kid but i do blogging for me because i love it and it was a dream of mine

but with all that been said blogging has helped build my self confidence and self esteem in a way that i didn’t know was possible. to just know that even one person reads what i write and likes it, that gives me the confidence to carry on .

with all that been said im not your average blogger I work hard in my professional life, i attend college, have 2 jobs, work as a brand ambassador and blog so im life is pretty hectic and i try my best to give everything 100% if possible but as we know its not always possible and sometimes i get frustrated but im only 1 person and doing the best i can.

but lets get back to the real me i am a wife as you all know and i love my husband more today than i did the day i married him, he makes me laugh, he keeps me grounded and he supports me in all my crazy dreams, i run my business with my mom and she is literally my best friend im so lucky i get to spend everyday with her we go on amazing buying adventures and i just love it we have created so many memories over the last few years its been a whirlwind, im a daddies girls and i just idolize my father in my eyes he is the worlds greatest father he is so much fun and i just hang on every word that he says with this lockdown in Ireland i miss hanging out with my dad going out for dinners and drinks with him but as soon as everything reopens we will make up for it.

i have two brothers one older and younger and i just love the bones off them i am so proud of the men they have become and i love spending time with them, i have one sister growing up i always wanted another sister one who was a girlie girl who i could go shopping with, watch movies with go out with and just do girly things, i love my sister but we are polar opposites, she is an amazingly kind hearted person who i absolutely adore and she is an amazing mother to her little boy (when i say little he is nearly 6ft at this stage but to me he will always be a baby)

i have 2 nephews who have me wrapped around there fingers and im so lucky to have them in my life.

as you can see i love my family and i am quite happy spending time with them i know that they are as proud of me as i am of them, with life getting in the way i dont get to see them as much as i would like the last time i saw my sister was like a month ago since we dont live near each other anymore its harder to meet up

i have surrounded my self with the most amazing friends anyone could ask for they are so supportive of me and the journey i am on, there is no jealousy attached to the friendships with is kind of a new thing for me, in the past i had to deal with fake happiness for me or put up with tears every time i achieved something so its nice to have so many people happy and supportive of me i feel so lucky. but with supporters obviously comes haters my saying is let the haters hate.

in my life i am extremely happy, i am excited for what the future holds and look forward to see where this journey takes me life is good right now and im doing whatever it takes to fulfil all of my dreams

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