putting myself out there

its been a while since i have done a blog post i have been drowning in college work and assignments and of course exams are coming soon so iv been a busy beaver. I have transferred to a new store i was really nervous because i loved the job in Shannon and the environment I was in and to top it off the staff were amazing so i was scared to move incase I didn’t fit in as well and what if I made a mistake it would be way to late to fix it.

thankfully i had nothing to worry about i absoutely love the new store again the staff are fantastic and if im honest the job is easier than it was in shannon a lot less work to do and its much quieter on the shift i work so i cant complain at all.

college is going so well for me im feeling confident that i will pass all my exams and im so excited for the future. with Ulster University the course i am doing is amazing i believe it will be life changing we are doing alot of personal development and i am learning to put myself out there more which is hard for me because i look at it as boasting, i know its not but it feels like it is to me.

i have been doing a lot since ive been on here firstly i got my herbal holistic diploma which is fascinating course to do and how to learn to use plants and herbs to help with ailments and illnesses. then i got my diploma in my candler course this is something i am so proud of as i dont have an artistic bone in my body and i managed to make a candle on my days off this week i am going to make more candles, i enjoyed making it and sure its something different to do during lockdown.

i am now an official brand amabassador for Guardian looks sunglasses, i always wanted to be a brand amabassador and i had so many offers but i never did it as i didnt like the companys or what they are selling but sunglasses are my go to accessory i just love them winter, spring, autumn or summer i always wear them,

so i get free products which lets face it everyone loves a free product but sunglasses omg im in heaven.

im feeling so proud of myself and how far i have come this year i am definitely going to start vlogging as soon as i can i will need a better camera but i am going to get one.

im feeling so lucky that so many good things have come my way this year

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