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**JUST IN — Prosecutors Say Redmond, Washington Dad Murdered 8-Year-Old Son By Slitting His Throat, Told Mom Over The Phone ‘He’d See Her In The Afterlife’**

This story and the details just now coming in are incredibly disturbing and really, horrific in every possible way. I’m posting this to highlight how real and serious mental illness is and can be, if untreated. If you know someone who is struggling, either help them get the help they need or reach out and notify the proper authorities, so the following doesn’t happen to you or someone you love. The father in this story apparently had a manic episode and says he lost his mind. His wife claims he had no violent history, but says he does suffer from manic episodes, sometimes lasting for days.


Prosecutors are revealing new details tonight about the horrendous murder of a sweet, 8-year-old boy, who lives at a home in Redmond, Washington, at the hands of his father.

Prosecutors now say that his 38-year-old dad slit his son’s throat inside their home last Tuesday.

The father, Omid Mola, is now facing first-degree murder charges, according to King County prosecutors.

When deputies found the boy dead, his dad had tried to kill himself, by apparently slitting his own throat, but didn’t die.

He was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and has been there, under police custody ever since.

Prosecutors he deliberately waited until the end of his wife’s 24-hour work shift in Seattle last Tuesday night to slash his 8-year-old son’s throat.


Prosecutors say the boy tried to call his mom after dad slit his throat, but that the phone disconnected.

According to court documents, the boy’s mom only remembered hearing “gurgling” sounds during the six-second call.

When she called her husband, Mola admitted to slitting his son’s throat and his own, adding that he’d “see her in the afterlife.”

Officers arrived to the home in the 13600 block of 179th Ave NE to investigate and found the father and son sitting in pools of blood inside.

Mola cut his throat with the 5-inch blade, but he remained responsive while the child was pronounced dead at the scene.

He remains hospitalized at Harborview Medical Center and under police custody.

Prosecutors said Mola made no attempt to save his child’s life.

His wife said he had no violent history, but Mola was suffering from manic episodes before the violent attack — some lasting as long as days.

Mola told officers questioning him at the hospital, “I lost my mind.”

Authorities have requested Mola’s bail set at $5 million.


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