This is Fu*ked up

A North Carolina woman has pleaded guilty to murdering her sister’s boyfriend, so her sister and their father could get married

Anna Marie Choudhary, 33, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and faces up to 40 years in prison when she is sentenced.

In February 2019, Anna Marie and her sister Amanda McClure, 31, were with Amanda’s boyfriend John McGuire, 38, and their father, 55-year-old Larry McClure.

Amanda and John were living in Minnesota at the time but they were driving to Indiana when their car broke down. Larry and Anne Marie went to pick them up and took them back to Larry’s home in Skygusty, West Virginia. On Valentine’s Day, John had bought steaks, potatoes and a bottle of wine for him and Amanda to have a romantic meal.
But instead, the couple were joined by Anne Marie and Larry. They were using homemade meth which Anna Marie says was a ‘bad batch’ that did not crystallize properly.

They’d been having fun until Amanda suggested a game where she said she would prove she could untie herself from ‘anything’. But Amanda tied up John. That is when, Anna Marie told the judge, ‘things started to get strange’.

Once John was tied up, she said their father’s demeanor changed. ‘He sat down and I don’t know, it was a grin that I’ll never be able to describe…..

‘As John sat up and bent over to untie his feet, and it all happened so quick, but Amanda stood up and grabbed that bottle and bashed him over the back of the head with it. And the next thing I know John had reared up and was leaning back against the wall holding his head. And that’s when Larry looked at me and told me if I knew what was best for my children and wanted them to live, I would follow all instructions that were given to me from that moment on,’ she told the judge on Wednesday.

Until the 6am the next day, Anna Marie says the pair tortured John by beating him and standing on him. They were high on the home-cooked meth and were convinced he was a federal informant and kept demanding to know ‘who he was’. John pleaded with them that he was who he said he was. Anna Marie says he even recited his social security number to them repeatedly.

At 6am on February 15, Anna Marie says her sister told her to inject John with a syringe of what she thought was truth serum but was in fact the meth. But rather than kill him, the drugs ‘made him stronger’.

‘They stood over me and told me I needed to finish it and needed to strangle him, so that’s what I did,’ Anna Marie said.

Larry then stood on his back while Anna Marie strangled him with a rope. Once he was dead, she says the pair told her to wrap his body in a trash bag so they could throw him down a mine shaft.

‘It’s not something I’ll ever forget because at that point in time, the body had become fully rigor mortis and in order to…I’m sorry. That’s not a sound I ever want to hear again,’ she said.

They then buried the body and Larry and Amanda started their relationship. They got married two weeks after the killing with Anna Marie as their witness. ‘They went on like nothing happened and started having a relationship as soon as he was buried,’ Anna Marie told the judge.

Amanda became paranoid that John was not actually dead. She ordered Anna Marie to help her dig up his body and said that there ‘were still hairs growing on his head’. To prove he was dead, Larry drove ‘bed nails’ through his body with a sledgehammer. They then dismembered him and buried him in two places.

Larry and Amanda were arrested, though it’s not clear what led to their initial arrest.
Larry immediately confessed and wrote a confession note where he described everyone’s role in the murder. He waived his trial and pleaded guilty immediately.

Anna Marie will be sentenced in February.

Amanda McClure is serving a 40-year sentence for second degree murder. Larry is serving life without parole.

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