its all falling into place

as you all know both myself and Asif finally bought our dream home after spending years on the hunt for it. we moved in Christmas week, it was a really magical time for us especially when times are so tough with covid and lockdowns.

my transfer for work has been approved and i will be starting in my new location on the 15th of this month, i will be sad to leave where i am now because my co workers are amazing but its time for a change.

my business is closed due to the government restrictions but we have got in so many amazing stuff we have delieveries coming in daily and im so excited to open it again so all our customers can see what we have.

we also have our occasional wear department ready for reopening and hopefully the restrictions will be lifted.

and to top it all off college is going great i got my results for the project managemen and conflict management and i passed i cant believe it they were so hard and i wasnt even sure i would pass but woohoo i did it.

im doing my final assignment for marketing i cant wait to finish it, its seems to be dragging on at this stage and im thinking the statistics threw a dampner on it all.

im a few weeks in to my tutor training omg its hard but im dedicated and going to ensure i do well in it if it kills me because i really want to be a tutor and teach people how to be coaches and in mindfullness and i think i would also like to teach aromatherapy.

i have one week left in my social care all assignments are handed in and i feel as though i have done really well in the course.

my future is looking bright and im excited for it i feel like a child on Christmas morning.

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