Starting uni

This thursdsy I’m starting uni im excited and nervous due to covid it will all be done online so i have the normal fears of will i be able to connect to my class online as I will be using blackboard and its been a long time since I used blackboard.

Im Studying at Ulster university which is in Belfast 362km away from my home.

I’m doing an entrepreneurship program with them and I’m so excited .

This thursday will be orientation and we will be getting our library passes. I’m so happy to of been given this opportunity.

In my letter of motivation I talked about the new business venture i want to do and how i plan on getting there.

As usual I have my hands full with 2 jobs, commuting to work and full time education but lord knows i have the determination to do it and do it well.

As I said before im studying to be a life coach and I am also doing a course in mindfulness and wellness.

I’m nearly finished my second year of beauty and so far I have top marks .

I won’t lie its extremely hard and I’m exhausted but I’m giving myself this year to qualify in it all so i can then focus on a career change and setting up a new business

My motto in life is never be afraid to try something new. Remember amateurs built the Ark and professionals built the Titanic.

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