When it all gets too much

Tonight is my first night of 6 I really didn’t want to go in because I’m feeling so sick i have an abscess in mouth, sweating a lot, an earache and just feel exhausted I’ve spent the last few days in bed just sleeping it was actually scary how much I slept. Suppose it’s my body fighting the infection.

To make things worse Asif is upset with me because I’m working the 6 nights bare in mind he was the one who seen me sleep so much and seen how sick I’ve been.

I’m staying in shannon the next 6 nights/days because it’s easier for me so i won’t see him until next thursday morning.

Because I slept so much I’ve missed out on a lot of college so during work tonight I’m catching up on the recorded classes its the 1st time I’ve been greatful the classes have gone on line.

We are really quite in work so i got to do 2 assignments and I have handed them in (bit late).

The great news is we found someone to rent our house in shannon its in the process of being painted then its ready to go.

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