out of my comfort zone

as the whole world has nearly come to a standstill due to this epidemic i am sure i am not the only one feeling out of there comfort zone, the world as i knew it has changed and my own little life has changed with it.

gone are the days when i would get up early to run my own business and enjoy the hustle and bustle of life, i spend my days running here and there never having enough hours in the day.

now i find i have too many hours in the day i no longer have to be up early, the stress of running a business is now gone, the headaches i had have disappeared and i am finding my self at a massive loss as what to do with my self

i like to be kept busy, im addicted to stress im still lucky that i have my part time job in cirlce k to keep my self busy and that i have college but its not the same.

im in my second year of beauty and im loving it i now have plenty of time to study and catch up on course work , im also on my last module of marketing this module is digital marketing and im enjoying it . in times like this the best thing to do is take the time to do the things you never had a chance to do.

for me its catching up on much needed sleep

studing and getting assignments done

reading books that i never had a chance to do before

upskilling: for me i always wanted to be a trainer and i never had the time to do the course before so im finally doing the course im looking forward to starting it tomorrow night

as most of you know i have a passion for law and its something i always wanted to study so im taking the first step in that direction and have applied to take a course in law

im doing everything in my power to keep busy and at the same time better my future.

hope you all are doing good and keeping safe

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