The old man

The old man shuffles along the street
Inside his shoes cardboard to warm his feet.
He puts down his plastic cup,
A man puts in £2,,things are looking up.
Now he has enough for a cup of tea.
Or may even treat himself to a coffee.
He lives alone on the city streets.
Some days he never eats.
It all depends on his fellow man,
His sign says“ spare some change if you can!”
He fought for his country in a warn
Nobody shows respect for his valor,
Nobody cares for him anymore,
He sits alone on a cold wet floor.
One of the forgotten poor.
Why is he so rejected?
Surely our heroes should be protected,
He fought so the world could be free,
He fought for the queen and his country.
Against those who’s agenda was to enslave,
Along with many other soldiers brave.
Never a thought if he should die,
Now he sits and wonders why.
They pinned a medal on his chest,
Now he’s forgotten dispossessed .
Listening to his sad tale will make you cry,
His mantra was to “ Do or die”!
Why has his life turned out this way?
He watches the soldiers on armistice day,
All just long forgotten memories of the past,
But those memories never last.
Another winter may take his life away,
As he searches for a warm place to stay.
No one should be left hungry cold and in pain,
When did the world become some inhumane.

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