What happened to Brandon

In September 2019, Sarah Lee, wanted to take her son Brandon Embry out for a birthday lunch. After not hearing from him for a few days, she became concerned. Sarah and her daughter went to Brandon’s Asheboro, North Carolina apartment to do a wellness check on him just before 3 p.m. on September 12, 2019.

When Sarah and her daughter arrived, Brandon’s vehicle was in the driveway so they assumed he was home. After knocking, they didn’t receive a response. Sarah went around the back with a neighbor. Brandon had a broken window. Sarah began yelling for Brandon to come to the door.

Still no response.

Sarah decided they needed to call 911. Help arrived at 3:20 p.m. Upon entering the apartment, the first response team found Brandon’s entire apartment torn apart. The commode was broken, there was blood on the walls and Brandon was lying on the floor nude and unconscious.

Brandon was covered in bruises and cuts all over his body. Brandon would pass away hours later at the Moses Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital.

The autopsy concluded:

“It is unclear what the precipitating event was that caused the decedent’s superficial injuries, however, since the injuries were not contributory to the death, the manner of death is classified as natural.”

According to the exam, Brandon’s wounds could be the result of psychosis which then led to Brandon dying from self inflicted wounds.

However, Sarah Lee, believes someone murdered her son and his injuries are the result of her son defending his life. Sarah has since spoken to a nurse who cared for Brandon before he died. She told Sarah it was impossible for Brandon to have beaten himself to death. She said his injuries resembled those of someone who was in a car wreck. The nurse suggested Sarah hire an attorney and fight the ruling.

Sarah later found out that a neighbor had witnessed an unknown dark haired man arguing with Brandon shortly before he died. He was the last person to see Brandon alive. Sarah has shared Brandon’s story in hopes that her son’s case will be reopened and investigated as a homicide. Ok bruising and scratching. There is also a diagram showing all the injuries to his body. They are numerous.

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