Missing boy victor

A bedroom, the bed linens of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, spread across the small child’s bed awaiting the little boy who use to snuggle up underneath them. The bedroom has been unused for over 26 years, frozen in time.
The bedroom belongs to Victor Dwight Shoemaker Jr., who was only 5 years old in May 1994, the day he disappeared from his home in Kirby, West Virginia.
Kirby, West Virginia is close to absolutely nothing. No major interstates, cross roads, nothing. The peaceful type of place you would want to live, surrounded by woods, hills, creeks, the type of environment that teaches a person to respect the environment, appreciate what you have, to understand what it means to help your neighbor and to fully understand the greatness of how the world was created. Vastness, open areas, clean air, crisp nights, wildlife, and, a lost little boy.
There are a few articles published about J.R., as family and locals called Victor, however, after all these years, there are some people who believe that despite the remoteness of the area, J.R. may have been taken and others believe the child perished after becoming lost in the woods.
One article did have an age progression photo of what J.R. could possibly look like if he were alive. That photo is included but even now, keep in mind the photo and the included articles are several years old. Victor would be 31 years old.

…The boy known as J.R. vanished while playing along a West Virginia mountainside on May 1, 1994. He never emerged with his two cousins from a road leading into the woods behind his grandfather’s mobile home in Hampshire County.
No trace of the boy was ever found.
There have been no arrests. No suspects have been identified, and police have found no indication of foul play or family involvement.
Shoemaker believes someone abducted his son, but police have no evidence supporting that. ‘At this time, all investigative leads have been exhausted,’ said FBI supervisory special agent Greg Heeb in Pittsburgh.
In 1997, the FBI said it was made aware of a report that a dark-colored pickup truck had been spotted in the area the day J.R. vanished. But the tip never panned out.
Anyone with information can contact the National Center at (800) 843-5678, the FBI at (412) 432-4000 or the state police in Romney at (304) 822-3562.

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