The rain bating off the windows
And the wind howling loud and clear,
Christmas time is for family
Even when they are not here.
I will never take for granted
The loved ones still left behind,
Those who mean the world to me
And who are always on my mind.
Life is too short for bitterness
Sure, we cannot change the past,
But we can change the future
And make more memories fit to last.
Appreciating your family
Even those who wreck your head,
Because you can be the better person
By forgiving them instead.
Grudges can cause arguements
And time doesn’t heal the pain,
Just remember who is important
And who can be once again.
We lose our way and mind set
And we do not get a choice,
But if we open up and be honest
Allowing others to hear our voice.
You should value every moment
Live your life as you see fit,
But let go of all the anger
And stop with all of it.
Remembering it is Christmas
A time to give thanks and praise,
Spending time with loved ones
On these very special days.
End the year together
Make sure to celebrate and share,
Tell others how much you love them
Even when they cannot be there.
This year has been a challenge
And we have all shed many a tear,
So im wishing you a merry Christmas
And an even better new year.

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