Meet rocky

“Hello to all the animal lovers out there, my name is Rocky!

Yesterday was the happiest day of my life, it was the day I was rescued! It is hard to see evidence of my suffering in a photo so I would like to share my story with you all and hope you follow my recovery with Limerick Animal Welfare over the next few weeks.

I am not a young boy, I have spent my years so far tied up by a short chain. I had no freedom, no human affection and a cold, wet place to sleep, all day.. Everyday.. For years! I suppose its hard to miss what I never had but after one day being rescued – boy was I missing out!
Thankfully I had shaggy hair which helped to keep me warm but it hides how skinny my body really is so nobody could see how hungry I was without being petted but hey – that didn’t happen either.
As the years went on my eyesight began to fade and the miserable world around me was now something I didn’t have to look at every day.

My rescuers got the vet to check me over and it turns out my eyesight cannot be saved so I will never get to physically see how nice the world can be but I know they will make sure I feel it.
My belly has not been feeling well for so long, I thought it was because I was so hungry but I also was full of worms and it has been making me very sick. The vet said they can fix this but it will take some care.

There were other dogs that lived around me and some were not nice to me and have left their mark on me. The people there thought chopping my tail off when I was a puppy was a good idea. I wish they didn’t, it hurt me so much. Its my tail! Why did they want me if I was only going to live like this?

After everything I have been through I remain a happy and curious boy. Since getting away from that chain everything is so new to me, I love all the new smells. I love being in the kennels at the sanctuary. I am so warm, dry, I have a soft bed, I have water, they keep bringing me food, toys and they are rubbing me. Can life get any better than this?

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