Baby Amora

Child Warning This is horrible –


Blaine Milam was 19-years old in 2008 when he was sentenced to 180-days in jail for breaking into a home and after searching through the belongings of a 13-year-old residing in the home, according to police, “He went through her underwear drawer and then took adult magazine pictures he cut out & wrote obscene notes on the pictures telling her he would like to perform each act
with her” was charged with the crime of solicitation of a minor.

He walked out of a work release program after serving 48 days. He escaped, was not released. They did not bother looking for him. He should have never been out of jail when he met Jessica Carson, the mother of a beautiful 13-month-old baby girl named Amora.

Several weeks after the pair began dating, the couple decided that Amora was possessed and needs an exorcism. They beat the baby girl about the head and body with a claw hammer, leaving injuries the Forensic Pathologist described as ‘shocking.’

Amora had 24 bite marks on her body, starting at her toes up to her head. She had lacerations of the brain and her sex organs were severely torn.

The FP said the injuries occurred before Amora was killed. Due to the severity of the injuries, there was no way to determine which injury killed her.

Both were found guilty of murder. Jessica was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Blaine Milam, 30, will be put to death on Thursday, January 21, 2021.

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