Life as we know it

Yesterdsy was my last day off until Christmas day. I spent it with my parents, brother, sister in law and gorgeous nephew.

Mom cooked us all a beautiful Sunday dinner and they we just sat, talked and laughed for hours. Asif was working in our new house he was gone all day and didn’t get home until 10pm.

It’s been so hard we haven’t seen each other properly in a month, we are both running around with work and trying to get our new house ready.

It’s hard and I worry about our relationship if we don’t spend quality time together will we grow apart. I know it’s hard right now but it will be worth it, by moving it will make our lives less stressful, we won’t have to get up as early, we will get home from work an hour earlier cause we won’t have to commute and get stuck in traffic. We will be able to spend more time together actual quality time, the house is a lot bigger so we will be able to entertain a lot more.

We are both focusing on the future and the lives we will have when we move.

December is the busiest time in retail and I seriously love the buzz and love to see the city become alive with the Christmas spirit.

Asif works in the seasonal department so he is going to be crazy busy since they are lifting the lock down tomorrow and everyone will be buying their Christmas decorations and ornaments in his department.

I normal have an Asian Christmas meal with Asif before Christmas so I’m aiming to have it next week. We have the dinner, Christmas crackers a small gift each and a beautiful dessert we will have our Christmas hat’s on and all. I’m looking forward to it. I’m on nights tonight starting at 10.30pm and working right through until 3.30pm tomorro afternoon thats like 17 hours then I will have 6 hours sleep then another 17 hours work it will be like that right up to Christmas asif will be working over 14 hours a day too so we will both be exhausted. Staying organised is the key i will batch cook our meals, stay organised with making our lunches and if i tidy as i go it should work out smoothly.

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