Working it

It’s been crazy the last week I am working at least 14 hours a day getting up at 3 am to catch up on college work, then working from 8 am until 10pm. I am getting ready for the reopening of our store busy making hampers our aim is to make Christmas affordable so our hampers are only €4 each and filled with lovely toys for children

They are a massive hit with parents and we normally sell out really fast so we are trying to make as many hampers as possible this year we have also have hampers for teenager girls we are doing handbag hampers with jewellery

I’m quite surprised as im not feeling too tired. Asif is worried that i will end up sick with exhaustion, but right now i will keep going until i get it all done. If needs be i can spend a couple of days resting in bed.

I have an assignment in statistics due in on Saturday im struggling big time. statistics is hard I was never good with numbers never mind graphs and everything else. To make it worse i have an exam on the 19th of December and I’m struggling to keep all the definitions in my head.

I have to do statistics as it’s part of my marketing qualification and I’m enjoying all the other modules so i suppose I have to take the good with the bad and when I get that marketing qualification im going to celebrate big time

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