its been a whirlwind

its been a whirlwind of a few months so many amazing things are happening for us both. firstly i would like to say i am now a fully qualified life coach im so friggin excited i cant wait to start its something i always wanted to do and im so proud to have finally accomplished it.

i completed my last years beauty exams and my teacher said i did very well so im awaiting those results but either way i am extremely happy. college is going great i have finally caught up on all of my work and im studying bit by bit. its not easy with so many different college courses but i am feeling confident in myself and what i am able to achieve.

to top all that my little shop is going great we are currently on lockdown so i cant open but we are busy behind the scenes making hampers and remerchandising all of our stock.

vintage girl jewellery is a bit slow to take off but i havent really dedicated alot of time to it as the curiosity shop is my number 1 priority but after christmas im going to dedicate time to it and marketing it correctly as we have some amazing pieces of jewellery.

but the best bit of news is asif and i found our dream house its amazing and a lot bigger than our own home we are finalising all of the documents and cant wait to get the loan drawn down. we have been saving for this house for a long time and now we are so close to owning it. it has a 4 bedrooms a sitting room, dining room, kitchen a games room and a shed out the back that we are going to convert for me so i can do my wellness clinic in there im so excited i cant wait. it will be a totally new life for us both and we really deserve it.

as for my other job everything is going great i trained into the office and i love it doing the cash and all that the time goes so much faster and i am loving the staff they are so much fun

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