The hidden past of Ireland

I did not write this but l totally agree with it ….A recent Netflix documentary caused outrage throughout the world when it emerged that Chris Watts had murdered his wife and two young daughters 3 and 4 years old . .. But…. what really made people’s blood boil with total disbelief and anger was the fact that he callously dumped his two babies bodies into an oil tank . We all screamed “ psychopath , evil , monster , hang the bastard , shoot the bastard … “ Yet almost 800 innocent Irish babies were callously and maliciously discarded like old rags , and dumped into a septic tank . Right here on our doorstep ..
But shusssshhhhhhhh .
Let’s pretend that didn’t happen and bury the files for 30 years .. any survivors / witnesses/ will be well dead by then !!
Unimaginable evil personified .. and the ones who voted to cover it up should swing from the highest rafters . You’re days of judgement will be long drawn out . 😡😡😡
Worse than any horror movie !!!
Speak out for these victims and DEMAND that the survivors and adoptees have access to every single file .. I’m beyond sickened and horrified .. The shame of it all and utter disgust has left me feeling nauseous to say the least 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

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