Irish celtic symbols

Delve into the fascinating culture and history of Ancient Ireland, with this list of the top 3 Irish Celtic symbols and their meanings. ๐Ÿ’š

The Tree of Life โ€“ Celtic wisdom and power

Trees have been a huge influence in ancient spirituality and philosophy across the world, but they held a special significance in irish Celtic tradition.Seen as symbols of great wisdom and power, the Tree of Life symbol is said to represent balance and harmony.

Brigidโ€™s Cross โ€“ for the return of Spring

Many Irish folk will associate this symbol with the Christian Saint Brigid of Kildare, but this symbol actually pre-dates Christianity in Ireland. A similar symbol was previously constructed with rushes to honour Brigid, the pagan goddess of spring.

So loved by the ancient people of Ireland was this goddess, that it appears she couldnโ€™t be completely eradicated from Irish life, and so she was transformed into the Saint many know today.

This symbol represents hope, life-giving and the return of the spring.

The Claddagh โ€“ representing love, friendship and loyalty

The Ring of Cladagh.

Popularly adorning wedding and engagement rings across the world, the claddagh has endured the tides of time. But what exactly is this Catholic symbol and its meaning?The heart in this symbol is said to represent love, while the hands symbolise friendship. The Crown is said to mean loyalty.

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