My father always said if you want something then work for a young girl i didn’t really know what that meant. But now i do….Lord knows im working for it. Below is a picture of me taken at 4am this morning ( hair net and all)

As most of you know I work 3 nights a week from 11pm to 7am then I also work 5 days a week in my own shop, i attend college in the evenings where i am enrolled into 6 different college courses (project mgmt, conflict mgmt, beauty therapy, youth work, marketing and ILM) its hard work, it’s exhausting but it is so worth it. I’m a girl with big dreams and ambitions and I plan on turning them all into a reality. I love my night shift job and my colleagues are amazing, obviously i love working in my own shop, all my college courses are to help get me into the next dream i plan on turning into a reality. It’s not easy and it never is but don’t let that hold you back everyone is entitled to dream and if you want it bad enough then work for It.

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