As you all know I’m currently studying marketing its something i always had an interest. When I got accepted i was so excited and had big dreams for how it would turn out.

My 1st module marketing went so so i barely passed the subject, the second module communications the results are not in yet but I feel I aced it so i was back on track until this module statistics omg it’s so hard numbers aren’t my thing I have difficulty reading the time let alone studying statistics is like to say its an interesting subject but I really don’t know as im totally lost. Some of the girls are thinking of dropping out but I’ve never been a quitter so I’m going to stick it out and if i get a pass i will be so happy. The next module is digital marketing im looking forward to that one and hopefully it will be easier than this one.

Remeber anything worth having doesnt come easy its ok to struggle and not get an A but show it try your best and pray you pass.

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