My man

Asif is the strong silent type, he is highly intelligent, has great sense and is one of the hardest workers i know, he is also tall, dark and handsome.he is sweet, considerate, lovable and so funny he makes me laugh all the time.

What i love about asif the most is how good and kind he is to me and my family. Asif would do anything for Me, but it’s the little things that mean the most to me like when im sick he makes me a hot water bottle, how he kisses my forehead when im asleep, makes me a cup of tea or just sends a text to see how my day is going.

I love when we go for a walk he holds my hand, i love that he supports all my dreams and never says you can’t do that. With this new salon im hoping to open, asif has got architect interior designers in to design the whole thing for me as a surprise he is actually excited with me and for me.

I know I have an amazing man who is do kind and generous, who loves me for me and for that i am eternally grateful. He appreciates every thing I do for him

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