My hectic life

With the pandemic thats going on ive decided to use the time to upskill and re-educate myself so i have enrolled in 5 different colleges its really hard as two days a week i have two different classes but it will only be 1 year of my life and it will be so worth it. I’m absolutely exhausted right now as I also have 2 full time jobs, running 2 different businesses, and im a wife so right now im juggling everything but I truly believe it will be worth it and all these courses will benefit my future career. I’m a big believer that education and hardwork are the key to success which is why I am working so hard now. Below are the courses thst i am currently taking. The way im looking at it is that for my junior cert in school i sit 9 completely different subjects so i should be capable of sitting 5 now. Fingers crossed.

Monday: conflict management

Project management

Tuesday: marketing

Wednesday: conflict management

Thursday: marketing

Friday: youth studies

Beauty therapy

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