This is the one that always stays with me, if you have a crime that really shocked you and is so senseless it has stayed with you, this is mine. She was metres from her front door. RIP Sally Anne Bowman. Photos in comments.At 22:00 on 24 September 2005, Bowman, her older sister Nicole, and a group of friends went to Lloyd’s Bar in Croydon, where they stayed until 01:00. After leaving the bar, Bowman waited outside for fifteen minutes before being taken to a friend’s house by taxi.She contacted her ex-boyfriend, Lewis Sproston, and he agreed to pick her up and take her home after she told him Nicole had been arrested for fighting. She took a taxi back into Croydon town centre, where Sproston picked her up at around 02:20 and drove her to her house at Blenheim Crescent. Whilst in the car, Bowman and Sproston had a quarrel, each accusing the other of infidelity, which had contributed to their recent split.Shortly after 04:00, Bowman left the car and Sproston drove off. Minutes later, Bowman was stabbed in the neck and stomach, and was then raped as she lay dead or dying. Her handbag, cardigan, underwear and mobile phone were stolen. On 28 June 2006, 35-year-old Croydon man Mark Dixie was arrested on suspicion of murdering Bowman. He was charged with Bowman’s murder and remanded in custody to await trial. This development came after police discovered a DNA link with the murder, having taken a DNA swab from Dixie when they arrested him two weeks earlier for allegedly being involved in a brawl at the pub where he was working as a chef After more than eighteen months on remand, Dixie went on trial at the Old Bailey on 4 February 2008, charged with the murder of Sally Anne Bowman. He admitted to having sex with her after finding her on the ground outside her home, but denied murdering her; and claimed that he did not realise she was dead or dying when he first found her. He also actually came back to the scene after stabbing her and smoked a joint near her as she was dying and was so aroused he raped her as she was dead/dying

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