nothing short of a miracle

The word is used so often, sometimes for such trivial events, that it has become a cliché. On a superficial level, some people consider a miracle to be simply an unexpected event or a wonderful surprise; for others, however,a miracle is the belief that G-d has intervened supernaturally in their lives. People may disagree whether events in their lives are indeed miraculous or can be explained naturally. Some see miracles as a true affirmation of G-d’s presence in their lives; a more skeptical person may think of a miracle as an unrealistic hope, something to cling to in the face of life’s harsh realities.

The question of miracles is really a question of how we understand G-d and the role He plays in our lives. By analyzing the anatomy of a miracle and understanding your feelings about miracles, you can learn much that will help you find deeper meaning in your life.

So what do we mean by “miracle”? If we agree that a miracle is a beneficent occurrence that cannot be explained by the laws of nature, then we mustfirst ask the question: What is a natural event? Why wouldn’t any natural event that awes and excites us be considered a miracle?

Truth be told, we don’t really understand the “laws” of nature. Yes, nature operates according to a design that we have come to accept as normal. But while this makes life more predictable and, therefore, comfortable, it doesn’t necessarily make it any more understandable. When we know, for instance, that the sun will rise tomorrow morning, we feel a sense of order and control; but we still have no idea as to why nature was created this way.Just because we label something “natural” doesn’t mean that we understand it any better than we understand a “miracle.”

The difference between a miracle and an act of nature is only in frequency. Imagine that the sun were to rise only once in our lifetime. Everyone would rush to see it, proclaiming it the most miraculous event they had ever witnessed. But since we experience a sunrise every day, we see it as just another ordinary part of our lives.

Every creation of man is ephemeral, every part of nature is boundless, permanent, and inexplicable — in a word, miraculous.

By looking honestly at your life, you will recognize the miracles within nature and the miracle of nature itself.  You will recognize the divine providence in all your activities.  You will learn to appreciate the miracles of your own life — the successes you’ve had and the very miracle of life. Thank G-d for these miracles; don’t take them for granted.

And finally, you will realize that the world around you is experiencing miracles within miracles, a revolution from within. It is time to acknowledge that the world is hurtling toward redemption — and that it is your choice and your choice alone whether to be a part of it.

when i look at the picture below it is nothing short of a miracle that the human placenta is identical to the tree of life, that the rings on a tree stump is the image of a finger print, that the lung is the mirror image of a tree branch and that leaf veins, human veins and the river network are the same. its just amazing to see them side by side just like that

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  1. Debs says:

    Clever post. I love things like this. Thanks.

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