Unsolved murder

Rikki Neave had a terrible life before it abruptly ended at the age of 6.By the time he was 3 years old,his mother had repeatedly left him outside in the cold in the dead of night,crying until neighbors called social services.Residents of Peterborough,Cambridgeshire reported seeing Ruth Neave dangling her son over a bridge and writing ‘idiot’ on his forehead in felt-tip pen.She washed his mouth out with washing-up liquid and burned him with matches.Ruth also punched Rikki in the face,kicked him and often sent him out at night to fetch drugs.
On 28th.of Nov.1994 Rikki left for school and never returned.His naked body was found the following day in the woods close to his home.He had been strangled.
Ruth Neave stood trial for her son’s murder two years later but was acquitted by a jury.She was however sentenced to seven years in prison for extreme child neglect.
Rikki Neaves murder remains unsolved.

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