When you fail

I failed one of my marketing assignments I was absolutely gutted I just failed by 2%. i sat on my bed with my head in my hands.
when Asif got home from work he knew by looking at me something was wrong. I couldn’t tell him I failed my assignment so I said I was just tired. I was afraid of disappointing him.
one thing I’ve very good at is putting myself down, the whole night I was thinking how stupid I am.
last night I told him….he just smiled not the reaction I was hoping for.
he sat me down and said ” how did you expect to pass you are doing loads of different college courses, working night and day, I love your optimism that you thought you would pass, but you cant put in the hours other people do.
after thinking about what he said I realised he was right, it’s impossible to do it all.
tonight we are out celebrating that I failed, to be fair I’m in good company the most successful people in the world started off as failures.
I also decided to take note of the college courses I’m doing:
1 leadership
2 marketing
3 menu & food costing
4 hospitality communication
workplace health and safety in the hospitality industry
5. autism awareness
6. beauty therapy
7. ear candling
8. organic cosmetology studies
now that’s a lot of college courses, I also work 63 hours a week
since I’m aceing all my other courses I shouldn’t be upset, marketing involves alot and we have 5 modules to do in it, I’m loving it and I done pretty well in my other assignments. I think I need to remind myself that I’m not wonder woman and I dont have to be perfect in everything I do.
maybe I should embrace my failures as much as my success to be fair at least I try and the first step of success is failure

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